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About us

Bio-Science Laboratories (BSL) was started in February 1948. In 1985, it was acquired by SmithKJ.ine Beckman, becoming part of its laborat.ory network that was renamed "SmithKJ.ine Bio-Science Laboratories." In 1989, following the acquisition of SmithKJ.ine Beckman by the Beecham organir.ation, the network was again renamed, "SmithKJ.ine Beecham Clinical Laborat.ories" (SKBCL)

In February 1948, BSL opened for business. Henry and Berkman manned the clinical laborat.ory in a small office building in Beverly Hills, and Golub and Segalove worked in a larger laborat.ory about five miles (-30 km) away, near Culver City. Duties included everything from cleaning animal cages t.o venipuncture of patients and doing tests t.o the usual battery of clerical tasks. Then there was constant selling; Henry visited physicians and Golub called on industrial firms..

Our mission

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68 years of experience

Bio Science Laboratories was founded in 1948 and has always been on the cutting edge of clinical testing and analysis. In 1985 the Labs were acquired by Smith Kline Beckman. Bio Science has since been recognized as a leader and contributor in the field of American Clinical Chemistry.

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